Mind-Brain-Mindfulness Seminar

This site (a WordPress blog) has been created to share information and ideas. We will have meetings in Amsterdam at the Free University (VU) 13:30-17:00 (with possible extensions before and after for those who like to meet informally).

You are kindly asked to register as possible participant (or for general interest) if you haven’t done so. A possibility is to indicate your research interests. Also you can optionally indicate whether you happen to look e.g. for a PhD position. Also you can indicate whether you’d like to give a talk, related to your work. I’ll make it possible to edit the information sheet about yourself, so you can change it whenever relevant. The main post of this blog allows comments. Here you can make suggestions and other statements.

There are two dropboxes, for papers (shared folder) and more bulky files (archive).

Next to the posts like this one, that are more ephemeral and are announcements, there are also pages that are more stable (but suggestions can be made to change them), for example for the goal and methodology of our investigations, see the topics in the menu-bar.

Mind-Brain-Mindfulness is collaborating with
Consciousness, Mindfulness, and Compassion
Mind & Life Europe

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