Abstract 12.04.2019-2

Ruben Laukkonen
Meditation through the lens of predictive processing

In this talk I will provide a basic introduction to predictive
processing (PP) models of cognition, and discuss a few recent papers
that attempt to describe how meditation may influence the brain and
mind by modulating PP. Compelling questions include: if the brain is
an expectation or prediction machine—as PP models suggest—then what
happens when individuals spend countless hours releasing expectations,
focusing on the here and now? What are the implications of sitting
still, and of paying attention in a particular way? How does
meditation change our internal models? I will also open up for
discussion the possibility that PP may begin to explain some of the
phenomenological changes that take place during long-term
meditation. If there’s time, I’ll introduce one of the experiments
that we’ve designed in order to test whether meditation can modulate
predictive processes that are generally believed to be fixed.