Abstract 13.04.2018-1

Gesa Kappen (Donders Institute, RU)
Imperfect Relationships: Does mindfulness help to accept romantic partners’ imperfections?



An often heard claim is that the fostering of mindfulness should improve the quality of interpersonal relationships. Scientific studies investigating the interpersonal benefits of mindfulness are slowly emerging – yet, little do we knowabout the impact of (trait and state) mindfulness on romantic relationship outcomes. I based my research on the idea that much can be improved if people accepted minor, daily ‘irritations’ in their relationship or ‘imperfections’ of their partner as part of the romantic deal, instead of wanting their relationship to be perfect. I will present correlational and experimental data about the associations between trait mindfulness, partner acceptance and relationship satisfaction and the impact of short and longer term mindfulness exercises (decentering) on emotion regulation, partner acceptance and relationship satisfaction.