Abstract 19.06.2020

Mareike Smolka  PhD candidate Maastricht University
Erik Fisher          Associate Professor Arizona State University

Tracing Collaborative Reflection Moment-to-Moment: Bringing Science &
Technology Studies to Contemplative Science and Vice Versa


We invite you to join an interactive online workshop on collaborative reflection. The workshop is part of a study that received the Mind & Life Europe Varela Research Award 2019. The study investigates how collaborative reflection on the social and ethical dimensions of professional practices is enacted and experienced in the contemplative science community. By participating in the workshop, you also participate in the study. For more information about the study and what study participation involves, please download the participant information letter.

The study takes its starting point from the observation that there has been an increasing demand for reflection on themes like responsibility and social responsiveness in scientific research over the last decade. In response, Science & Technology Studies (STS) scholars who study social aspects of science, have proposed approaches to collaboratively assist scientists in reflection. Yet, approaches to collaborative reflection often fail to be effective for socially responsive problem-solving; we lack knowledge on how it actually occurs and how conceptions of responsibility are embedded within reflection. To address these issues, we organize an online workshop for the contemplative science community during which we will guide participants through interactive exercises that follow the STIR-method, a validated STS approach to collaborative reflection. We intend to learn from this community whose members are familiar with contemplative practices that build capacities for reflection. Moreover, we open up a space for reflection on what it means to do ‘ethical’ and ‘responsible’ research in practice; questions that have moved to the foreground in recent years in contemplative science.

You can register for the event on 19.06.2020 here. In case you change your mind and would like to de-register or if you have further questions about the event, please send an e-mail to Mareike Smolka.

Important! During the workshop, you will be requested to make audio-recordings and photographs of sketches. Please make sure that you delete all recordings and photographs after the workshop.