Abstract.1 05.11.2021

Ivan Nyklicek Does meditation decrease or enhance the self?

Some recent findings based on two recent papers

* Mind-Body Practices and the Self: Yoga and Meditation Do Not Quiet the Ego but Instead Boost Self-Enhancement. Jochen E. Gebauer, Andreas D. Nehrlich, Dagmar Stahlberg, Constantine Sedikides, Anke Hackenschmidt, Doreen Schick, Clara A. Stegmaier, Cara C. Windfelder, Anna Bruk, and Johannes Mander.

* Mind-Body Practices and Self-Enhancement: Direct Replications of Gebauer et al.’s (2018) Experiments 1 and 2. Thomas I. Vaughan-Johnston , Jill A. Jacobson, Alex Prosserman, and Emily Sanders.