Abstract.2 16.04.2021

Wolfgang Lukas, IGDORE / Independent Researcher

Mindful Researchers – a grassroots community to support the integration of our contemplative & professional lives

Nature, human culture, and scientific inquiry benefit tremendously from generosity, benevolence and cooperation. However, today’s academic culture is often riddled with overdrive competition, unwholesome incentive structures, toxic behaviors, exploitative power dynamics, and more – resulting in an overall loss of human dignity, thus forsaking the transformative potential of science itself. For contemplative researchers, being and operating in such academic environments presents a challenge and opportunity: how can we cultivate, embody and enact ‘contemplative’ values, such as compassion, kindness, generosity, humility, integrity, and ethical behavior in our professional domains? The “Mindful Researchers” are an emerging collective – a grassroots community that strives to co-create a supportive environment for an ongoing exploration around the integration of our professional and contemplative life, in all its possible meanings. Together we are learning to hold this inquiry as a ‘living question’ rather than trying to give definitive answers, and to put it into practice as a community, which thereby becomes a contemplative practice in itself. We aim to cultivate a welcoming shared space of collective inquiry, a ‘living lab’ supporting the emergence of a ‘new generation of researchers’ rooted in genuine embodied, situated, contemplative practice. Thereby we intend to foster a beneficial transformation towards a more compassionate, generous, kind, inclusive, collaborative, ethical academic culture. In our presentation we will share our emergent process and invite you to join us in this collaborative inquiry through interactive dialogue.