Abstract 300115-3

An important aspect of the Abhidhamma (meaning higher teaching of the
Buddha) is the dhamma theory. It states that our world exists of two
classes of dhammas:

1. The unconditioned dhamma, which is Nibbana, the very goal of Buddhism.

2. The conditioned dhammas which are the momentary mental and material
phenomena that constitute the proces of experience.

These momentary mental and material phenomena appear and disappear at an
incredible speed. In order to understand more of what is really happening
in the world around us and within our own minds, we need a tool which
enables us to look more closely. This tool is meditative concentration, the
ability to stay with a chosen object and to calm our minds.

The Abhidhamma gives a large number of objects which you can choose as the
focus of concentration (40). I will present a method which aims at focusing
on the qualities of a Buddha as the object of meditation.