Abstract.2 16.10.2020

Mareike Smolka, PhD candidate at Maastricht University
Erik Fisher, Associate Professor at Arizona State University

Tracing Collaborative Reflection Moment-to-Moment: Bringing Science &
Technology Studies to Contemplative Science and Vice Versa

We invite you to join an online reflection workshop on conceptions of responsibility and ethical underpinnings of contemplative science. The workshop is part of a study that received the Mind & Life Europe Varela Research Award 2019. We will continue discussions that emerged during the last MBM seminar in which participants engaged in collaborative reflection exercises about the social and ethical dimensions of their professional practices. Their reflections on work practices and decision-making shed light on questions, such as: What are conceptions of responsibility and values in contemplative science? How are these conceptions and values expressed in decision-making? What are obstacles in expressing conceptions of responsibility and values? Which conditions could help overcome these obstacles?

This time, we will briefly introduce a method for collaborative reflection and ask you to reflect with a partner on an opportunity for decision-making or a challenge that you currently face in your work. By participating in the workshop, you also participate in the study. For more information about the study and what study participation involves, please download the participant information letter.

In case you change your mind and would like to de-register or if you
have further questions about the event, please send an e-mail to
Mareike Smolka (m.smolka@maastrichtuniversity.nl).

Important! During the workshop, you will be requested to make
audio-recordings. Please make sure that you delete all recordings after
the workshop.