Goals & Methodology

Goal and methodology of the MBM-I group

Context The following statement, coming from various Buddhist traditions, seems worthy of scientific operationalization and investigation.

Claim There is [self-inflicted] suffering, which has a cause, that can be diminished and even removed by methodical step-wise psycho-physical training and lifestyle towards sudden insight.

Goal The following is the goal of the MBM-I group.
To contribute to scientific investigations of the claim.

Needed For this one needs to describe
* The forms of suffering that fall under the scope of the training
* The various forms of training and their putative improvements
* The side-effects of the method in sub-populations

* Scientific understanding of mind/body mechanisms and pathology
* Understanding how the mind/brain/body can be modulated
* Strengthening evidence for clinical and psychosocial applications

Investigation of claims inspired by Buddhist theory and practice, making use of at least the following disciplines: biology, neuro-science, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, computer science, mathematics, philosophy.

Topics of interest
1. Descriptive
* Describing most important types of meditative practice
* Operationalizing concepts from these practises
* Putative effects of meditative practice (behaviour, body, cognition, emotion)
2. Empirical
* Designing and performing experimental studies
3. Theoretical
* Modelling mind-processes, including self-reference & consciousness
4. Epistemological
* Contextualizing concepts, addressing methodological problems
5. Background
* Studying relevant literature