Program 28.11.14

14:00 Welcome
14:15 Ivan Nyklicek: Elicitation Interview: A valid method to examine the phenomenology of meditation?

Abstract The number of studies examining neurophysiological correlates of meditation is increasing. However, a major problem is the lack of concomitant assessment of the moment-to-moment phenomenology during meditation. In addition, the scientific investigation of the phenomenology of mental acts and states during meditation is an interesting area of study in its own right. A method that seems promising is Elicitation Interview (Petitmengin, 2006), based on previous work by Francisco Varela and Pierre Vermersch. During this interview, the participant is mentally brought back to the situation that is elicited as vividly as possible, so that moment-to-moment phenomena, such as mental acts performed and states experienced, can be assessed in great detail. The method will be explained and the question of validity discussed.

14:45 Discussion
15:00 Henk Barendregt: Schizophrenia Days, Stavanger
15:30 Discussion
15:45 Break
16:15 AllDiscussing and future topics (talks, research)
17:00 End of meeting: informal gathering